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Five Steps for Choosing Bluetooth headset

Before I decide to purchase one of the commodities, I used to search much more information on the internet to know about which one is the best choice for me.
Last week, I decide to purchase one Bluetooth headset for my father, I gathered much more information on the internet, which did a great job for me to choose the appropriate Bluetooth headset. Therefore I would like to share five important points on choosing the Bluetooth headset with you.

When choosing the Bluetooth headset, the key important thing is to pay attention to the compatibility of it. Some Bluetooth headset can not be compatible with your cell phone, because the standard is different. There are two specifications on Bluetooth headset, one is Hand Free Profile (HFP); and the other is Headset Pro-file (HSP).

HFP represents the hands-free function and HSP represents headset function. We must know about our cell phone can be compatible with which specification before you make the decision.
The HFP specification can support the most of the operations of the cell phone; we can the function of re-dialing, keeping incoming calls, refusing call etc. through the Bluetooth headset. Such us the Bluetooth headset from Nokia, Motorola, Sony walkie talkie earpieces (http://johnathanpavershoes.edublogs.org/2014/01/24/if-you-use-motorola-cp040-radios-in-your-work-then-you-need-to-look-at-these-earpieces/) Eriksson can support the HFP specification.
Of course, some of them can support both the HFP and HSP specification.

The brand of the chip
There are two main chip suppliers for the Bluetooth headset in the world. One is the CRS Company in United Kingdom. The other one is the Broadcom Company from USA. However, the over 80% chip on the market is from the Broadcom Company.
Transmission distance
The transmission of the Bluetooth headset is also another key point for the buyers. It is irrelevant with the version. It depends on the advanced technology level. The standard transmission distance of the PowerClass2 is 10 meters, however, it can reached to 100 meter for the upgraded PowerClass1, at the same time it can support the Hi-Fi stereo function.

Usually, we should keep the cell phone and headset within a short distance, 7 meters is the best transmission distance. If it is over 8 meters, there will be breakpoint between the cell phone and headset. If the distance is over 10 meters, there will be no connection between the devices.

When we choose the Bluetooth headset at the store, we often can notice these numbers: 1.1, 1.2 or 2.0. These numbers represents the version of the headset, at the same time, it stands for the anti-interference ability. At present, the 1.1 version is the most common one on the market; the 1.2 is the new tendency, and 2.0 is the newest version on the market.

The different version refers to the quality of the receiving singles. The power of the new version is much stranger, it can not only overcome the single interference, also can compatible with the old one. But when we choose it, we should measure the price and our requirement.

Except the function, the appearance of the Bluetooth headset is also important. When we are choosing it we should pay attention to the outlook and whether it is comfortable to wear. Everyone’s ears appearance is different, before you make the payment, we need try wearing to test the comfort level.

Besides, many Bluetooth headsets’ hanging branch will appear conflict with the glass legs; therefore, before make up your mind, you need try to wear it.
All the above opinions are just the personal view; I hope it can offer some useful information for you. At the same time I hope you can share your valued opinions with us.

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